Leonard Sweet – One of the Biggest Mistakes The Church Has Made

April 20, 2017


One of this week’s best new book releases is:

Mother Tongue: How Our Heritage Shapes Our Story
Leonard Sweet

Hardback: NavPress, 2017
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Here is a snippet from an interview I did with Leonard Sweet for RELEVANT magazine

( Will appear in the May/June 2017 issue )

RELEVANT: What are some habits that might help us, amidst the breakneck speed of our day, to pay closer attention to the faith of those in older generations in our families and churches?

LS: One of the biggest mistakes the church has made on my generation’s watch (the Boomers) is the setting of separate tables for different age groups. In many of our churches there are four or even five generations living side by side. Soon there will be six or even seven. Modernity’s attempts to rationalize, specialize, and segment everything led to the fragmentation of the body of Christ and its partitioning into generational groupings where never the twain shall meet.

To counteract this silo, churches could make it a matter of policy not to sponsor one-generation mission trips. Nothing bonds participants more than a pilgrimage together to a distant place. I also dream of a church in which kids are welcome at worship and feel free to sit with anyone in the congregation, since in the body of Christ we are all family. I know it’s a fantasy, but I also dream of a church which banishes kiddie tables in order to force all generations to sit together at the same table whenever they eat.

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