Lazarus Come Forth – John Dear, S.J. [ Review ]

March 15, 2012


Page 2 – Lazarus Come Forth – John Dear, S.J.

A question does bother me about this book: who is the audience of this book?  Is he preaching to the choir?  Anyone who picks up a book with this title is someone who is already convinced of the importance of what he has to say.  As much as I admire Rev. Dear and all he has done personally to promote peace and confront the powers that be, I wonder what possible good this book is going to do?  When you preach to the choir you are assured of agreement.

As I began the book a growing conviction that this was a book that would have no impact on those who needed it most, then a remarkable thing happened; what if he is preaching to the choir in an effort to convert the choir?  You see, we all are passive participants in the culture of death, look at the label of the clothes you have on, where was it made?  Indonesia?  China?  Bangladesh?

We all know perfectly well that the clothing we wear is made by people who are paid next to nothing because Corporate America values the dollar over human life.  This make us participants in the culture of death.

Read this book, understand what he is saying.  Be converted in your hearts.