Immerse Yourself in the Scriptural Story!

May 4, 2017 — Leave a comment


Listen to Eugene Peterson’s
THE MESSAGE paraphrase 
of the complete Bible…
for FREE!!!!!!

For the majority of church history, up until the invention of the printing press, scripture was learned orally, by being read aloud. Now, in the twenty-first century, as the modern age collapses in which scripture has been fragmented by over-analysis, the time is ripe for us to immerse ourselves in the scriptural story as a whole, familiarizing ourselves with its contours, and learning to imagine our lives within it, personally and as churches.

This week I discovered a wonderful way to do this… 

Eugene Peterson’s THE MESSAGE paraphrase is an ideal version of scripture for listening. Peterson has adapted the biblical text into idioms that are familiar to the contemporary ear.

AND with the FREE Bible Gateway App (for iPhone/iPad, Kindle and other Android devices), you can listen to THE MESSAGE in full (streaming audio)!!!

On a one-day road trip earlier this week, I listened to the full book of Acts in about two hours (and the app kept rolling right into the book of Romans).

DOWNLOAD the app:

The Bible Gateway App is a great way to listen to THE MESSAGE, if you have an unlimited data plan on your phone, or if you mostly listen in places where you can use WIFI. 

If you want to listen to THE MESSAGE while offline,

it is available for a very reasonable price in MP3 format!!!

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