Giveaway Book / CD combo – Jana Riess and Carrie Newcomer

January 13, 2012


Our latest book giveaway !

We’re giving away 6 sets of this book and CD combo:



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We will draw the winners at random after the giveaway ends, and will notify them within a week.

16 responses to Giveaway Book / CD combo – Jana Riess and Carrie Newcomer

  1. Love Carrie Newcomer and looking forward to hearing Jana Riess speak at the upcoming Festival of faith and writing in a few months. I’ve liked your page via Facebook and posted a tweet via Twitter.  Not sure how to link to the tweet though.  See:!/catalogermom

  2. valerie theberge January 13, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I LIKE our Facebook page
    Valerie Theberge

  3. I liked the Facebook page and posted on Twitter.!/tscott_elliott/status/158380357593464832

  4. I chose #2 – I liked the facebook page. Looking forward to hearing and reading more!

  5. I liked on Facebook and Tweeted on Twitter about this book giveaway:!/dianetowin/status/158699902413705218
    Thanks for the chance to win @dianetowin:twitter

  6. Left another Twitter message about book/CD giveaway. See!/catalogermom

  7. Already receiving the email.

  8. I liked the Facebook page and posted on Twitter!/tscott_elliott/status/158944933187813376

  9. I like the facebook page as karli prime
    karli1238 at aol dot com

  10. I liked the Facebook page and posted on Twitter!/tscott_elliott/status/159709603796500482 

  11. I had already liked the Facebook page, and here’s my tweet:!/dkmiller/status/159755824678436864

  12. Daniel Thornton January 20, 2012 at 1:22 am

    #1. Like you on facebook: Daniel Thornton