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June 17, 2015


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This is the latest post in a series that will, in effect, create a library of classics that are available as free ebooks.

Check out the full library to date here….

As last week marked the anniversary of the death of G.K. Chesterton, we focus here on the best of his works. We have selected the following books as recommended reading.


We are encouraging our readers to mix up their reading habits, and read (or re-read) classics in addition to new books, such as the ones we review here in the ERB.

Broadly speaking, a classic is any book that is not a new book, or in other words that is worth reading five, ten or even one hundred years after its initial publication. ERB Editor Chris Smith has an article on The Huffington Post website arguing for reading a mix of classics and new books.


Five FREE Audiobooks by Chesterton!


We’ve organized Chesterton’s works here by genre…

Non-Fiction Books (Part 1)


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FREE Alt.Kindle/Nook/Other Eds.
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All Things Considered: Essays

FREE Alt.Kindle/Nook/Other Eds.
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