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January 10, 2012 — 1 Comment


Here’s a sampling of some of
the free stuff we give away on the ERB site…

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Our collection of FREE ebooks for the Kindle!

Download Mp3’s of
Wendell Berry reading his poetry!

Via NPR’s Speaking of Faith website…

Mp3’s of Wendell Berry reading 7 of his poems,
Including “How to be a poet”
and “The Man Born to Farming”…

DOWNLOAD these Mp3’s here.

Free Ebook:
The Church, Change and Development By Ivan Illich
Illich was among the sharpest Catholic philosophers and cocial critics of the 20th century
DOWNLOAD the ebook here…

Not familiar with Illich? (You should be…)
Download an audio recording of John McKnight telling stories about his friend Illich…

Other free goodies: