David Wilkie – A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus [Review]

July 17, 2015 — Leave a comment


 PAGE 2: David Wilkie – A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus

David Wilkie’s A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus has quite literally been an answer to prayer for me. The conversations with Jared began when I shared a picture of one of my favorite comics in A Second Shot. As I was reading Wilkie’s latest book there was a whirlwind of debate on social media over Confederate Flags and same-sex marriage. It was impossible for me to open Facebook without seeing arguments and hate, from both sides of each issue. Then I read a conversation with Carl called “Silly, Passing, Political Argument,” it follows.

Carl: “One of my oldest friends has been posting stupid, politically ignorant things on Facebook, Jesus. We’ve been arguing in the comments a lot lately.”

Jesus: “It’d be a shame to lose an old friend over some silly, passing, political argument, Carl.”

Carl: “Tell me about it, Jesus! He’s being such an idiot! It’s eating me up inside! What should I do?”

Jesus: “Uhhquit arguing?”

Like everyone, I have my opinions and convictions about this political arguments. I don’t even know that I would be comfortable calling them “silly” and “passing” as Wilkie does. What I do know is that I have never heard a single person say they changed their view as a result of a Facebook argument.
In a time when it seems people couldn’t possibly be more divided over issues of faith, Wilkie has helped to open doors for conversation. For this I am thankful.
Specifically regarding A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus, I couldn’t put the book down. It was incredible, as is the entire franchise.
However, a few notes that were negatives for me. I missed the topically organized chapters of the first book, though I’m sure others will like this change. Also, there seemed to be less new book specific content than the first Coffee With Jesus book contained. I admit that these are minor critiques.
I don’t always agree with what I think Jesus is saying in the Coffee With Jesus franchise, but I have yet to find an author I do agree with completely. But I am challenged and stretched to be a better Christian because of these conversations. Furthermore, Joe’s conversations with Jesus often keep me going in ministry. I will continue to read and listen to Coffee With Jesus, I highly recommend A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus, and I look forward to Wilkie continuing to bring more Coffee With Jesus.