David Wheeler – Against Acedia [Poem]

August 30, 2012 — 1 Comment


Against Acedia
David Wheeler

From the collection Contingency Plans
(TS Poetry Press 2010).

David Wheeler - Against AcediaAgainst Acedia
Did you, by kismet, see the sky tonight,
its pallid stripe above a glowing frame,
the bound horizon, halfway held by light
and halfway sunk below our Boundary Bay?


Might you have noticed in its gloaming way
from mild, July translucent haze, the crisp,
deciduous, great silhouettes against
the firmament in darkened foliage trysts?


The noonday demon, cooled to tepid lisps
incomprehensible enough that we
can pause and hear the widened leaves all hiss
above his fervent muttering ennui.


Rejoice, again, my tired, doleful soul.
Rejoice, yet, even while tonight grows cold.


David Wheeler is a poet from Seattle who blogs at davewritesright.blogspot.com.