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October 30, 2013


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This week we focus on Classic Horror Novels.

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[easyazon-link asin=”B0083ZR7BY” locale=”us”]The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde[/easyazon-link]
by Robert Louis Stevenson
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Dr. Henry Jekyll is a “large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty with something of a stylish cast”, who occasionally feels he is battling between the good and evil within himself, thus leading to the struggle between his dual personalities of Jekyll and Edward Hyde. He has spent a great part of his life trying to repress evil urges that were not fitting for a man of his stature. He creates a serum, or potion, in an attempt to mask this hidden evil within his personality. However, in doing so, Jekyll transforms into the smaller, younger, cruel, remorseless, evil Hyde. Jekyll has many friends and has a friendly personality, but as Hyde, he becomes mysterious and violent. As time goes by, Hyde grows in power. After taking the potion repetitively, he no longer relies upon it to unleash his inner demon i.e., his alter ego. Eventually, Hyde grows so strong that Jekyll becomes reliant on the potion to remain conscious. (Wikipedia)

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[easyazon-link asin=”B00439GJQ8″ locale=”us”]The Legend of Sleepy Hollow[/easyazon-link]
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version though Proj. Gutenberg
 by Washington Irving
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The classic. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is among the earliest examples of American fiction still read today. The story is set circa 1790 in the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town, New York, in a secluded glen called Sleepy Hollow. It tells the story of Ichabod Crane, a lean, lanky, and extremely superstitious schoolmaster from Connecticut, who competes with Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt, the town rowdy, for the hand of 18-year-old Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter and sole child of a wealthy farmer. As Crane leaves a party he attended at the Van Tassel home on an autumn night, he is pursued by the Headless Horseman, who is supposedly the ghost of a Hessian trooper who had his head shot off by a stray cannonball during “some nameless battle” of the American Revolutionary War, and who “rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head”.

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