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The Creativity and Diversity
of God’s People in Mission

A Review of 

Global Church: Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalizing Our Churches
Graham Hill

Paperback: IVP Academic, 2016
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Reviewed by Carol Kingston-Smith


Effective discipleship requires a wholehearted embrace of a transformative process which impacts the way we relate to God, to others and indeed the whole of the created world. Thomas A Kempis in his book Imitation of Christ writes of the centrality of Jesus Christ’s life and teaching. How we pattern our lives around the example of Jesus is, in part, rooted in understanding how his life and example were shaped by his historical context. Importantly, it also requires us to understand how to apply the patterns of his life and teachings to the diverse contexts we encounter in our world today. An observation which has been made of Western mission movement and theological academy is that it has often been prone to cultural blindness and superiority; it is this tendency which Graham Hill sets out to address in his new book Global Church: Reshaping our Conversations, Renewing our Mission, Revitalizing our Churches which he introduces with the following quote:

Now when missionaries come to our lands they brought not only the seed of the gospel, but their own plant of Christianity, flower pot included! (Daniel Thambyrajah Niles, preface)

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Here are a few new book releases from this week that are worth checking out:

(Where possible, we have also tried to include a review/interview related to the book…)

A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World

Katelyn Beaty

Listen to an interview with the author about the book


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As the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, here are 7 of our favorite poems…

Madeleine L’Engle, George Macdonald, Wendell Berry, Robert Frost and MORE….


The Risk of Birth
Madeleine L’Engle

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Here are a few new book releases from this week that are worth checking out:

(Where possible, we have also tried to include a review/interview related to the book…)


Grounded: Finding God in the World-A Spiritual Revolution

By Diana Butler Bass

Read an excerpt from this book in The Atlantic


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Here are 5 essential ebooks on sale now that are worth checking out:
(Rachel Held Evans, Umberto Eco, Diana Butler Bass, Calvin Miller, MORE)

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Faith Unraveled: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask Questions

Rachel Held Evans

*** $2.99 ***



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Here are a few new book releases from this week that are worth checking out:

(Where possible, we have also tried to include a review/interview related to the book…)

Patience and Fortitude: Power, Real Estate, and the Fight to Save a Public Library

By Scott Sherman

Watch the book trailer for this book


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Blaise Pascal


Today is the birthday of mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal…

In honor of the occasion, we offer T.S. Eliot’s Introduction to Pascal’s most famous book PENSEES…

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Introduction to
Blaise Pascal’s PENSEES

T.S. Eliot

It might seem that about Blaise Pascal, and about the two works on which his fame is founded, everything that there is to say had been said. The details of his life are as fully known as we can expect to know them; his mathematical and physical discoveries have been treated many times; his religious sentiment and his theological views have been discussed again and again; and his prose style has been analysed by French critics down to the finest particular. But Pascal is one of those writers who will be and who must be studied afresh by men in every generation. It is not he who changes, but we who change. It is not our knowledge of him that increases, but our world that alters and our attitudes towards it. The history of human opinions of Pascal and of men of his stature is a part of the history of humanity. That indicates his permanent importance.

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Marilynne Robinson

Hymns of Gratitude

An Essay on the Work of Marilynne Robinson
on the Occasion of her newest novel, Lila

By Rachel Marie Stone


(This essay originally appeared in our print magazine, Advent 2014 issue. Are you a subscriber? Get more info and signup now!)


“I don’t know how to say this,” I said to Marilynne Robinson, as she signed her name to my copy of her fourth and most recent novel, Lila, “but I feel that your writing has changed my life for the better, and I want to thank you for that.”
“Thank you for telling me,” she said, looking right into my eyes, utterly in earnest—none of the “yes, yes, thank you for reading” dismissal one might expect from a writer who has received as much attention and acclaim as she has. “That is good to know,” she said. I gathered up my signed copy and ducked away, blushing. I felt like I was leaving the communion rail.


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In honor of National Poetry Month, here are 10 of our favorite living poets reading from their work!


Maurice Manning:


Maurice’s newest book is:

The Gone and the Going Away (2013)


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Poems for All Saints Day!

November 1, 2014 — 2 Comments


Poems - St. Francis

I’ve been on a poetry kick recently, so I thought it would be fun to comb our archives for poems by and about saints…

Here are the poems that I found:

*** Also, Recommended Stories of the Saints

Vachel Lindsay

Would I might wake St. Francis in you all,
Brother of birds and trees, God’s Troubadour,
Blinded with weeping for the sad and poor;
Our wealth undone, all strict Franciscan men,
Come, let us chant the canticle again
Of mother earth and the enduring sun.
God make each soul the lonely leper’s slave;
God make us saints, and brave.


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