C. Christopher Smith – Our Only Hope [Poem]

July 6, 2015


I read four poems during our “special music” time at Englewood yesterday. The first three were “Poet” by Liberty Hyde Bailey, followed by two short Sabbath poems by Wendell Berry. The fourth poem was one that I wrote for the occasion, that is my response to all the violence of recent months (especially after Ferguson), and the ways so many people today — on the Right and on the Left — dig their heels in and are averse to dialogue.


Our Only Hope
C. Christopher Smith

As you move through your everyday life
Look at the people surrounding you
The people God made and that God loves.
Who are those who most differ from you?

Vote differently.
Think differently.
Act differently.
Talk differently.
Love differently.

She is old.
He is young.
I am not quite either.

She is rich.
He is poor.
I am not quite either.

She is Republican.
He is Democrat.
I am not quite either.

Where is that good place where we can talk?
Where we can know and by known by them?
Where we can listen without anger?
Where we can bear each other’s burdens?

We all have one God and creator.
We need each other to thrive, be whole.

Loving enemies,
Our only hope.

(c) 2015, C. Christopher Smith


One response to C. Christopher Smith – Our Only Hope [Poem]

  1. I very much like this, Chris.