Barna Frames – Big Ideas in Small Books?

February 17, 2014 — 3 Comments


Barna Frames

I’m very intrigued by the newly released collection of 9 little books in the Barna Frames series…

The series positions itself as an introduction to 9 crucial issues of our time, written by some of the sharpest thinkers around…

The books are:

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“Millions of People say they enjoy reading,
but most books are too long”

Watch an introductory video…


CLICK HERE to watch the Barna Frames webinar with the authors discussing their books…

What do you think?

Are introductory books of this sort helpful, or do they water down complex issues and only add to the confusion and noise of our times?

  • Peter Stevens

    I think when it comes to social issues, so many people choose to remain uninformed rather read a book about whatever the issue is. I would love for everyone to read Johnny Carr’s book about Adoption, but if the frame about adoption will help more people get informed about adoption, then I think it’s great.

    I do wish that people would read more books and think that this is a potentially dangerous road to walk down to water down large issues to small books, but I think that these can potentially help remove some ignorance about these issues. Perhaps these will spark the interest for people to pursue more information.

  • erbks

    Well said, Peter! I think this mostly where I land. And I think my biggest issue with this series is not the books themselves, but the marketing, especially the use of slogans like “Read less. Know more” or “Most books are too long.”

  • Adrianna Wright

    While I can see the value of these little books, the marketing drives me right up a wall.