Audio CD’s available from THROUGH THE CONSUMING FIRE

November 20, 2009


The audio recordings of  all three THROUGH THE CONSUMING FIRE conference speakers are now available on cd. The cd’s are $5 ea (basically just the cost of materials and time for copying, etc.), but if you buy all three We’ll throw in a bonus cd with MP3 recordings of most of the workshops.

Main Speakers:
– Will Samson — Community and Contentment
– Kelly Johnson — St. Francis, Stewardship and Filthy Lucre?
– Shane Claiborne — Creativity in Resisting Consumerism

Unfortunately, Kelly Johnson’s talk was a little lower quality because our computer crashed during it and we lost our soundboard recording and had to use a recording made in the audience. (Thanks, Mykel).

If you want a set of the recordings, here is a link to pay for them $15 + $3.95 S/H (If you’re here in Indy, I think PAYPAL will allow you the choice to pick them up and save the S/H fee…)

Order Individual CD’s: