Andres Duany – Introductory Reading Guide

September 7, 2017 — Leave a comment


Today (September 7th) is the birthday of architect and New Urbanist Andres Duany.  In honor of the occasion, we offer this introductory reading guide to his work, which is essential reading for reflecting on the future of cities.

We’ve ordered this list in the order that we think the books should be read, and we offer a brief explanation of why each book was included. We’ve included excerpts of most the books via Google Books.


Jane Jacobs 101 – 5 Short Videos


5. Theory & Practice of Agrarian Urbanism

This book details a type of community plan and management that enables a comprehensive interaction of agriculture with modern society. Agrarian Urbanism may not be for everyone, but it is one of the more beneficial methods to develop and dwell on the land. Because of its mitigating effect on climate change, a neo-agrarian way of life should be made available to as many as possible. If the food-growing machine that is the traditional village were reorganized, it could be made viable again.



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Image Credit: Creative Commons License via Wikimedia Commons