5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 8 February 2018

February 8, 2018


Here are 5 essential ebooks on sale now that are worth checking out:
( Thomas Merton, W. Brueggemann, Fleming Rutledge, MORE )

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.

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Turning Toward the World: The Pivotal Years; The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 4: 1960-1963

Thomas Merton

*** $4.74 ***

A fascinating look at the renowned Trappist monk Thomas Merton through his journals.

A Way other than Our Own: Devotions for Lent

Walter Brueggeman

*** $3.99 ***


A new collection of Lenten reflections from the well-known OT scholar and theologian.



Help My Unbelief

Fleming Rutledge

*** $2.99 ***

Powerful reflections on faith and doubt by a leading contemporary evangelist.



The Blood of Emmett Till

Timothy Tyson

*** $3.99 ***


Award-winning biography of the lynched Emmett Till, and its significance in American struggles over race.


Learning from the Stranger: Christian Faith and Cultural Diversity

David I. Smith

*** 99c ***

An excellent guide to living and learning in our culturally interconnected world.


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